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Wix Design System Illustration

We Are Hiring!

Join our team to build and enhance a cutting-edge public UI library used by both internal and external developers.

Why We're Hiring

The Design System team is growing and seeking assistance in order to tackle projects that will further elevate our library of over 160 components. While maintaining and improving the health and usability of our existing library is important, our primary focus is on pushing the boundaries with accessibility, optimizing for mobile platforms, and creating diverse theming options for a personalized product experience.


Deliver top-notch, accessible React components for Wix employees and Wix app builders.

The role is local in Vilnius office right next to the Town Hall, 4 days/w in the office.

Stack: TypeScript, Javascript, Jest, Yarn, Custom Infrastructure, Storybook, and Puppeteer.

We need a mid/senior frontend engineer to help us scale our design system.

3000 - 6000  Gross / month (+ Equity package)





Open position

Mid/Senior Frontend Engineer


Join Us in Developing
The Ultimate UI Library


Influence architectural choices: You'll play a crucial role in guiding the future of the Wix Design System by actively participating in RFC discussions and helping to determine the most effective solutions.

Minimize friction: A key aspect of our work involves reducing friction and enhancing component usability. This may include thoughtful identifying and resolving top issues, creating clear error messages, and authoring documentation.

Work closely with Wix team members: Numerous small, yet impactful improvements and features are contributed by colleagues across different teams. Your role is to mentor and get the best out of these team members by reviewing their issues and pull requests and providing constructive feedback.

Innovate and explore: Unanticipated features and bug fixes often originate from diverse sources. Regardless of your preferred approach to developing novel ideas, you'll find a supportive environment within the team.

Regularly engage with Wix Developers Community: You'll address incoming support and feature requests, as every developer contributes to handling user inquiries.





Day to Day

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